About Us

Gwehelog Fawr is an electoral ward in the heart of the border county of Monmouthshire in south east Wales. It is located between the towns of Usk to the south and Raglan to the north and is flanked by the River Usk on its western boundary.

The Community Council, which covers much of the area between the two towns, is one of several such bodies within the Monmouthshire County Council area.

We have seven councillors and a clerk and are funded by a small additional sum – precept – on your council tax. Our precept is one of the lowest in the county and we have not increased it for several years.

Councillors are elected every four years or can be co-opted.

The Independent Review Panel on Community and Town Councils in Wales Outline Findings and Recommendations please click link below.

There are specific allowances for Community Councillors which are made nationally available. The take up of the annual allowance for Community Councillors is documented annually.

In the years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 there were no Councillor allowances claimed.

The Community Councillors do not represent any political party.
We bring a wide range of experience and interests to our role.
The community council is accountable to the local population and it is our duty and privilege to represent the interests of all local people and the wider community.

A list of the councillors and their contact details, together with those of our clerk can be found to the CONTACTS page.

The County Councillor for our area is Cllr Val Smith.
We warmly welcome public participation at the monthly meetings which are held in the village hall and look forward to seeing you there soon!

Our Area

Gwehelog Fawr is a predominantly rural community which encompasses the villages and hamlets of Gwehelog, Trostrey, Llancayo and Kemys Commander and the surrounding countryside. There are some 200 homes in the community council area.

Details for access to Trostrey Church are:


Some of the places of interest in Gwehelog Fawr include:-

  • the Iron Age hill fort  Camp Wood Llancayo,
  • the Neolithic village site at Trostrey
  • the Chain Bridge a fine example of a  metal bridge over the River Usk
  • a renovated windmill at Llancayo
  • parish churches of St. David, Trostrey, and All Saints, Kemys Commander.
  • the Hall Inn at Gwehelog – a traditional country pub and restaurant.