Community Council contacts

The Gwehelog Fawr Community Council members are as follows:

CHAIR                           Cllr. Richard Marfell : Ty Draw, Kemeys Commander; Usk  NP15 1JU – Kemeys Commander ward 

(co-opted 25 July 2018)        contact         tel. 01873 880848

VICE CHAIR        Cllr. Charles Kirby  :   Hill Farm, Trostrey,  Usk    NP15 1LA  – Trostrey Ward     

contact                 tel.  01291 672564

Council members:

VACANCIES :       2  councillors for the Gwehelog/Llancayo ward 

Councillor Judith Bayliss :  Cherry Tree, Trostrey,  Usk  NP15 1LA  –   Trostrey Ward

contact                 judith   tel. 01291 673658  

Cllr. Patricia Stevens:  3 Llancayo Cottages, Gwehelog, Usk,  NP15 1JQ   Gwehelog/Llancayo Ward    

co-opted 28 October 2020

contact          tel 01291 672587

Cllr. Kaely Backland : Ty Cwtch,  Wainfield Lane, Gwehelog,  Usk  NP15 1RG   Gwehelog/Llancayo Ward    

co-opted 28 October 2020

contact           tel 07496625268

All Councillor e-mails and letters should be sent in the first instance to :

The Clerk : Ms. N.  Awni    contact email :     tel: 01873 880381   

Address: 51 Longhouse Barn, Penperlleni,  Goytre,  NP4 0BD

Please note that the Clerk works part time and will respond to any enquiry made as promptly as possible.

Your Monmouthshire County Councillor is:  Cllr. Val Smith