Financial Reports and audit 2020-2021

Bank reconciliation and Variances 2020-21 finalGwehelog Fawr Community Council have a duty to publish information about the Council finances, receipts, expenditure and audits. The pages are sectioned according to year.

As part of good governance, details of the financial position are considered and discussed at each meeting.

Regular payments for 2020-2021 were agreed at the annual meeting List of regular payments 2020-2021

Financial information on the accounts presented at the virtual Council meeting held on 22 July 2020

accounts April – June 2020-21

Financial information presented at the meeting on 30 September 2020       half year position 2020-2021

Budget setting for 2021-2022 Budget paper 2021-22 final version

Asset register Asset Register Gwehelog Fawr 2020-2021

Financial information presented 25 November 2020  Nov 2020

Financial information presented 24 February 2021 Feb 2021 Account m11

Year end accounts March 2021 year end Account m12

Account variance 2019-20 to 2020-21         Bank reconciliation and Variances 2020-21 final      

The Clerk posted the notice of Electors’ rights Notice for audit noticeboard 2021 on the Gwehelog Parish Hall Notice Board on the 15 June 2021 Electors RIGHTS    


There were no remuneration payments made to community councillors for 2020-2021