New Councillor Kay Davies

Kay Davies became a Community Councillor on 29th October 2014

A little introduction by Kay ..

My name is Kay Davies and I have lived in Gwehelog with my husband John for the past 38 years. Our daughter Rhian was born here and attended Raglan Primary School and Monmouth Girls’ School. We are all members of St. Mary’s Church in Usk.  Formerly, a teacher of children with specific educational difficulties I was employed by The Educational Department of Caerphilly County Council in a peripatetic role, travelling to work with children in main stream schools throughout the County area.  Now retired both John and I are keen walkers and frequently walk around the Gwehelog, Usk and Raglan area.  We are continually impressed with the beauty of our area and feel privileged to live here.

New Councillor Rob Baker

Rob Baker became a Community Councillor on 29th September 2014

A little introduction by Rob.

I would like to thank the Council for the opportunity to represent Gwehelog Fawr as a Community Councillor.  My name is Robert Baker, I am married to my lovely wife Sue and we have a daughter named Emma who was also married earlier this year, a very proud day for us both.

I was brought up on a farm in Gwehelog in a happy family, and am lucky enough to still live locally. I currently serve the community as a Chiropractor.

My personal interests include photography, wood turning and looking after a menagerie of animals with Sue that include a dog, cat, various chickens and ducks.  Our latest edition, three Alpacas; Alfie, Bertie and Dougal.  My father Bill Baker served as a community councillor while he was alive and I feel that it is for me to do my bit to help maintain the community that we all enjoy.

Alpaca picture


New Councillor Chris Tooze

Chris Tooze became a Gwehelog Fawr Community Councillor on 29th September 2014.

A little introduction ..

Chris was raised on a mixed farm near Salisbury and worked on the farm with his father who was the farm manager from an early age.  He started out with a career in teaching CDT (Craft, Design and Technology) then soon after marrying and starting a family he changed careers to enter Financial Services where he built a highly successful career in Sales Management and later in Project Management.  Chris has two sons from his first marriage and has been married to Jo his second wife for 26 years.   They moved from Gloucestershire in 1994 to their 18 acre small holding in Trostrey, where they keep ponies, sheep, ducks and hens.  In 2009 Chris left the Financial Services Industry to set up a farm contracting business to work from home and service the needs of local smallholders like himself.   A keen motorsport enthusiast Chris actively participates in rallying with his wife Jo, co-driving.  Chris enjoys car restoration and preparation doing almost all the work on the rally car himself and being actively involved in a local motor club.


The ‘Twitter’ Account

By Cllr. Maggie Godwin

When we moved to Gwehelog 18 years ago the buzzards circled above our new home. Unfamiliar to us they thrilled us with their aerial displays. Spiralling high in the sky before tumbling down towards the ground. It was spring after all when love is in the air. For the rest of the year the buzzard is quite a solitary bird. Their characteristic cat cry echoed around the valley. Later my father in law,a keen bird watcher noted a particular bird distinguished by a large notch in one of it’s wings.She became ‘our bird’, an emblem of the piece of sky above us. I say she because it seemed a large bird even by buzzard standards. Females tend to be bigger than the males.

Buzzards are of course a common sight above Gwehelog. This medium sized raptor is found across Europe,Asia,and in winter months, Africa. There are approx. 44,000 breeding pairs in the u.k. living in woodland,Heath,moors and farmland. They’ve had a rough time in the past, persecuted by gamekeepers and poisoned by a diet of myxomatosis rabbits. Now they are protected by the wildlife and countryside act of 1981 so they are thriving. Feeding on small mammals a buzzard will usually kill on the ground and can even sometimes be seen stomping on the ground to attract earthworms.

Pairs mate for life and with natural predators few and far between can live for up to 25 years. The female lays 2-4 eggs in spring and the 33-35 day incubation is shared between the parents. The young are independent at 5 months and the proud parents become grandparents 2-3 years later.

‘Our’ buzzard still graces the sky above us and we wish her many happy years to come !

Cllr. Maggie Godwin  20/10/2014

Councillor Paul Frampton

Councillor Paul Frampton

It is with much sadness that we announce the death of Community Councillor Paul Frampton, who died suddenly at home, on Sunday, 16 March, at the age of 69.
Paul had been a Community Councillor for nearly six years.
His time as an engineer for Monmouthshire County Council Highways Department made him invaluable in trying to keep our local roads in a decent state of repair.
Paul was very involved in our fight to try to retain Gwehelog as an independent Community Council along with Trostrey, Kemys Commander and Llancayo. He will be sorely missed at our monthly meetings and in the community at large.
His funeral was held on 31 March.  Our thoughts are with his wife Liz and his daughters Rachel, Katherine and their families.


Community Councillor Simon Carbury,